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The Vizzit Panel

Here you can add customer IDs for Vizzit for the website. The settings are made here on the website, you do not have to add the statistics script to the template.



If you have a license to use Vizzit statistics, tick Use Vizzit for statistics:

Customer ID

Enter the customer ID given to you by Vizzit.

Security key

Enter the security ID given to you by Vizzit.


The address of the Vizzit service.

Send the editor's username as a parameter

Sends the username as a parameter to Vizzit primarily to refine the measurement of unique users on an intranet.


Here you can add metadata to be included in the Vizzit report.

Vizzit this website

With Vizzit this website you can obtain statistics for the entire site. Click on the Website report button to get to the report.

This function requires you to have a license for Vizzit.

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