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User registration - General

Inställningar Användarregistrering


Under this heading, select the user name to use and where to store them.

Use e-mail address as user name

Select this if you want to use the e-mail address as the user name. The e-mail address should therefore be mandatory.

Use JavaScript to create user name

Here you can use JavaScript to create a user. You can use the attributes that are available. For example, you can type the following to generate a user name with the first three letters of each last name.

givenName.substring(0,3) +sn.substring(0,3)

Storage location

Here you specify where to store newly registered users in the directory service. Click on Browse and designate a folder or container.


Under this heading, select how to generate the login password.

Generate password

If you select this option, the module automatically generates a password. The password randomly generates six characters (a-x, 0-9).

Administrator specifies password

If you select this option, the administrator can enter a password for the user.

User specifies password

If you choose this option, the user can choose the password that they want. This will display two additional fields in the registration form. A field for Password and one for Repeat password.


To add an administrator, click the Add administrator link. A new window opens where you can choose an administrator either by browsing or searching for a user/group.



Enable redirect after sending

If this box is ticked, the workflow only consists of the first step, whereupon the user (after filling in his or her details and pressing Advance) is redirected to another page. Clicking on Browse designates a page to redirect to.

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