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All files

The All files module is used to present information about files in a group. This can be done either by listing all files in the group's file archive or via detailed information about a single file.

The link "Show file archive" in the Files module leads to the page where the group's files are presented.

All files

Menu above the files

Here are different options depending on whether something is selected or cut:

  • Select All - select all files so that you can, for example, delete all files, cut all files
  • Create folder - creates a folder in the file archive
  • Delete - deletes the selected files
  • Cut - cut the selected file. NOTE! It is only possible to paste it into your own file archive (in a different folder)
  • Paste - pastes selected files. You will then receive a confirmation prompt to move the files.

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This module requires the Social Collaboration license.

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