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Metadata is information about the page you are on. This can range from information about who created the page and when, to who is responsible for the page and links associated with the page. When adding a new metadata field, you need to make settings for the metadata field.

Under the General tab, give the metadata field a name and a description. You also decide which metadata type the metadata field should be and whether it should be mandatory for the users to fill in when publishing. You can also set whether the metadata value is inherited downwards in the structure.

Add metadata- common

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The metadata field name is the name that is displayed when users enter a metadata value. The name therefore needs to be as clear as possible and indicate how the metadata field is used. A metadata field must have a name.


The description is a short text about the metadata field and how it is used on the website. Here you can give instructions to users or write a small note for yourself and others about what the metadata field does. The description appears in italic text under the metadata field name and is visible when a metadata value is to be filled in.

Field is mandatory

A metadata field that has the mandatory setting must have a metadata value when you publish it. Tick the box to make the metadata field mandatory to fill in when publishing. Mandatory metadata fields are marked with a red asterisk to the right of the metadata field name.

Mandatory field

Example of mandatory metadata field

Metadata type

You can choose from a wide variety of metadata types when adding a new metadata field. The metadata type you choose depends on how the metadata is used. The default metadata type is Text metadata. Click on the Metadata type header to select the metadata type.

Metadata type

It is not possible to change the metadata type afterwards.

This function requires "Manage metadata field" permission

The page published:

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