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In SiteVision, there is a trashcan that you can access by clicking Browse in the sidebar. The trashcan can be seen in your structure, under View pages.

Items moved to the trashcan:

  • Webpages
  • Link pages
  • Structure pages
  • Folders
  • Images from the image archive
  • Files from the image archive
  • Archive

Modules do NOT end up in the trashcan.


Any items above that are accidentally deleted end up in the trashcan. Right-click on the item and select Restore. The item is then moved back to the location from where it was deleted.



The recycle bin content is not indexed, i.e. is not searchable. Neither online nor in the editor.


To get Recycle Bin permission, the user must have at least "write permission" for the website (the house).

Empty trashcan

To empty the trashcan, select it and right-click and select "Empty trash".

Empty trash

It is quite difficult to find documents in the trashcan if it contains too much information. Create an internal procedure for when you empty the trashcan, such as the first Monday of every quarter.

When you empty the trashcan, all information is deleted from the database. It is not possible to restore.

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