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Show file archive

Here, you can access all files located in the central file archive, a common archive accessible to all users. Here you can add new files, categorise files and delete files.

You can also save files to a specific archive associated with a specific page. This archive is called Page files. These files cannot be accessed from the file archive, but must be based on the page that has files in its local archive.

You can upload all file formats to the file archive, including the image formats that can be uploaded to the image archive.

Show file archive

 This function requires you to have "View file archive" permission.

File archive

Upload files to the file archive

To upload files to the file archive, click on the upload icon. To place the file in a folder, first appoint the folder, and then click Upload. It is also possible to drag and drop files into the folder afterwards.


Create folder in the file archive

To create a folder in the file archive, click Create new. Name the folder and click OK. To place files in the folder, mark it and click Upload.  

Create new folder

Move files

To move a file that may have ended up in the wrong folder, simply drag the file to the correct location. Drop the file straight into a folder or between two files.

Delete files

To delete a file, select the file and right-click and select "Delete".

Delete file

File information

Selecting a file in the file archive allows you to see more information about the file:

File information

Edit file

If you have "Manage functions for developers" permission, you may see an Edit button on certain types of file (css/javascript/xml/vm/json).

Edit file

Click the Edit button to open the file so that you can edit it directly in an editor:

Edit file style.css
Redigera css-fil

 This function requires you to have "Manage developer functions" permission.

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