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Show element

Element is a way to package customisations of existing functions in SiteVision. For example, you might be customising menus or the script module.

It enables you to develop and maintain content in a controlled manner. When the developer packages the functionality and sends it as an addition to a customer. This procedure consists of two parts:

  • Elements -> For the developer. This is where the developers make their adjustments, which can then be exported as an add-on. Requires "Manage developer functions" permission.
  • Add-ons -> For the administrator. This is where the administrator adds their add-ons and activates them as they are purchased/ordered by a partner. The latter requires "Manage add-ons" permission.

The developer thus builds an element that is an adaptation of one or more modules. These are exported as an add-on that the customer adds to their website. The editor can then use these add-ons just like a regular module.

Select Create New on the left. Give the element a name and state identifier. The identifier should be the organisation name.moreinfo.

Create new

An element that has no content is now displayed.

New element

You can now package your functionality. You can use the following modules:

  • Text
  • Image
  • HTML
  • Login status
  • Scripts
  • Menu
  • Related information
  • Printable version
  • Content list

If you use an image, you will not be presented with the usual image archive, instead an empty image archive is displayed. You have to include the image with the package.

Add and customise the modules you want. When done, click the Export button on the left. A new view opens for Export. The export is saved as a .sve file that you can send to the customer.

When you work with elements, you can view and test them on your web pages. Those who have the "Manage developer functions" permission can see the elements under the module selector in a category called "Draft".

This function requires you to have the "Manage elements" permission. Elements is included in the Portal and Enterprise versions of SiteVision.

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