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Create anchor link

Anchors are used to mark up paragraphs on a page that a link should point to. Anchor links can be used to link within a page. Instead of a link just going to a particular page, a link can point to a specific area of the page. The cursor then jumps directly to that paragraph on the page.

All modules used on a webpage automatically become an anchor. But with Insert-> Anchors, you can also mark up paragraphs with anchors yourself.

  1. Select the text to link.
  2. Click the Links icon and select Internal page from the list.
  3. A new view opens with the link type Internal page. The entire structure of the website is shown for internal pages. You will then be prompted to select the page you want to link to, or search for the page.
  4. Then tick the box "Use anchor" that appears below the structure. The modules that are on the page (= anchor) are then shown. Designate a module that you want to link to.
Use anchor

5. Click OK. The view disappears.

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