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User profile - Common

Adds the input fields that will be displayed to the user. The user can only view and change their own data.

Common, user profile


The First name, Last name, and E-mail address attributes are displayed as the default. You can add more attributes that are in the schedule manager in SiteVision by clicking the Add input field button.

Use custom object class found in directory

Tick this to add a custom object class. You can do this if you have extended the schedule to add custom attributes to your directory. Enter the user class here. This allows you to use all attributes associated with that user class, as well as those in the schedule manager in SiteVision.


Under Administrators , people who have the right to add certain fields (see setting to add a new attribute under the Input Fields tab) are displayed.

To add an administrator, click the Add administrator link. A new window opens where you can choose an administrator either by browsing or searching for a user/group.

Add administrator

Notify administrator of changes

If the administrators also receive an alert via e-mail when someone changes their details, tick this box. You can also enter a subject topic on the e-mail. The default setting is "User details updated".


Allow administrator to delete users from directory service

If administrators should be able to delete users, tick this box.

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