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11.2 Element x is depreciated. Do not use depreciated elements.

Avoid the depreciated functions in W3C technologies. A depreciated element or attribute is one that has become old because new elements or attributes have been added. The list of HTML elements and attributes in the technology document indicates which elements and attributes have been depreciated in HTML 4.0.

For example, in HTML, do not use the depreciated FONT element; use style sheets instead. Do not use:

  • applet
  • basefont
  • centre
  • dir
  • font
  • isindex
  • menu
  • s
  • strike
  • u


  • Align
  • ackground
  • Text
  • Vlink
  • Alink
  • Link
  • Bgcolor
  • Border or Hspace
  • Clear is depreciated for element br
  • Start is depreciated for element ol
  • Noshade or Size are depreciated for element hr
  • Compact
  • Height or nowrap
  • Language is depreciated for script element
  • Type

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