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Publish - tab Metadata


Here you enter the metadata values for the metadata fields set-up on the website. Metadata means "data about data" and contains information about the page that is displayed. For example, it might be information about when the page was last published, who created the page, which department the page is associated to etc.

Publish metadata

A red asterisk (*) indicates that the field is mandatory, i.e. it must be filled in for the page to be published. If you try to publish without filling in metadata, the metadata field turns red as shown below:

Mandatory field

The Metadata tab also turns red to indicate that metadata is mandatory:

Red tab metadata

Publish and show

The Publish and show button takes you directly to online mode once the page is published.

Publish and show button

System values and Connection to text module/image module/media module do not appear in the publication dialogue because these values cannot be changed.

The page published:

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