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All group members

The All group members module is used to show all members of a group.

This module is used in conjunction with the Group members module on the group page that contains a link, "Show all members (X)", which leads to a landing page where this module is located.

All group members

The icons in the top left are used to show more or less information about each member. This makes it easier to get an overview, if there are a large number of members.

By entering characters in the input field for filtering, only members whose names have these characters are included in are shown.

Delete member

Members who are also administrators in a group are marked with an icon in the form of a tool and the text "Administrator" in the list. When an administrator hovers the cursor over a member, a cross appears that can be used to delete the member from the group.

Members who are not administrators cannot leave a group with this module. Instead, they are referred to using the Member status module.

Each group must always have at least one administrator. It is therefore not possible, as the last administrator, to delete yourself from a group. If you want to delete a group, this must be done with the All groups module .

Add member

When a group administrator views a group, the "Add member" button appears that is used to add new members. When you click on the button, a search box appears where it is possible to search for users. If a user is selected in the list, they are added as a member of the group.

At the bottom of the search result, a link appears, "Show in list", which leads to a page where the Search user module is located. With this module it is possible to add multiple users as members of the group simultaneously.

This module requires the Social Collaboration license.

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