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Add field

Add field

Field name

Enter a field name here. The field name must be unique.

Do not use spaces, the (&) character, greater than character (>), less than character (<), or quotation marks ("). Do not use Swedish characters such as å,ä,ö either.

Field type

Select the field type from the list. E.g. solr.StrField, solr.TextField, solr.TrieDateField, solr.CollationField, solr.TrieLongField, solr.TrieFloatField or solr.BoolField. This shows the settings you can make for the solr.StrField type. There are different settings for each type but on this page you can read about the settings available for all types except solr.TextField, which has a lot of additional settings.

If the index specifies Priority hits , the primary key must be of the type solr.StrField!

Location in search result for documents with no value

How documents that have no value should be sorted in search results. You can select first or last.

Use boost for indexing

Tick this box to set the boost factor for this field when indexing. This can increase/decrease the relevance of the document when searching if you get hits via this field (compared to documents where you get hits in other fields that have a different boost factor). 

This function requires you to have a license for "Search Enterprise".


Get value from another field

Field value

Enter how values are to be obtained for different resources

A resource tells you which value to try to index, e.g. a page's name or a specific metadata field in PDF files. Click on Add resource if you want to add a resource yourself.

The order of the resources is important! The resource that is initially suitable when the page/file/image is indexed is the one that will be used. Therefore, add the most "specific" resource first and then add more and more "general" resources.

Get value from another field

If there is already another field that has that data, you can reuse it in this field as well. Select the field from the list.

Use as default search field (DisMax)

If you check this box, the search is made against this field if you have not specified any other search field in the search module.  

Use as primary key for document

Key field that uniquely identifies a document in the search index. Can only be specified for certain field types.

The field should be searchable

The contents of this field must be indexed, i.e. it must be possible to search against this field.

The field is visible in the search result

Unless this is ticked, this value will not be displayed in the search result.

The field is mandatory and must have a value in each document

All documents in the index must have this value. A basic requirement of the Primary key field.

The field can contain multiple values

The field can have several different values in the same document (“Multi-valued”).

Field type: solr.StrField

Here you can change the field type in the list. This page displays the settings for solr.StrField. All field types have different settings but solr.TrieFloatField, solr.TrieLongField, solr.CollationField, solr,trieDateField and solr.BoolField have variants of these settings. Field type solr.TextField however has many different settings.

Help with advanced search solutions is not included in the support.

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