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Permissions - Page Settings

One of the many advantages of SiteVision is the ability to permission control content and parts of the editor. Permissions are assigned to a user by using roles. A role consists of a number of rights. Here you can find out about the different rights under the Page settings category.

Page settings

The rights under the Page settings category control functions for changing templates and managing subscriptions and statistics.

Change template

The right to Change template allows users to change the template on a page in the editor.

Change template recursively

The right to Replace template recursively allows users to change the template on multiple pages at the same time in the editor.

Manage subscriptions

The right to Manage subscriptions allows users to enable and make settings for subscriptions on pages.

Manage statistics

The right to Manage statistics allows users to see page visits for one or multiple pages.

The Statistics function in SiteVision is a great way of getting a quick overview of the visits. Give responsibility for, for example, a subbranch this right to increase motivation to keep the pages up to date.

Manage translations

The right to Manage translations allows users to choose to translate a page. They get the option "Translate page" under the edit menu.

This permission together with "Manage website settings" allows the user to also choose a language for the website and enter login details for machine translation.

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