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Register app in Azure AD


Register app in Azure AD

1. Log in to Azure Management Portal External link, opens in new window. .

2. Click on Azure Active Directory in the left menu and thne on App
Registrations. Click on the Applications tab and then on Add at the bottom of the page.

3. Click on Add

4. Choose a name for the application (for example the Company) and select Web application and/or web
API. Enter the following in the Sign-On URL box:
http://[domän för er sitevisionsida]/sharepoint-oauth2

5. Note the value for Application ID or Program ID. This value is required in SiteVision’s website settings as Client Id.

6. Click on Reply URLs. Check that the value in Reply URL matches the
value entered in the Sign-On URL. Additionally, add the following Reply URL for all
secondary domains for you SiteVision:
http://[adressen till er sitevisionsida]/sharepoint-oauth2

7. Click on Keys. Create a Client key by naming the key and selecting the validity period
for the key in the dropdown list. Then click on Save.

After saving the settings, the Client Key that is now generated is displayed. Note
this value, it needs to be specified in website settings.

The value for Client Key only appears on this occasion, it is not possible to reuse
and retrieve the value again later.. If necessary, a new Client Key will be created.

If another period of validity than Never is used, a new
Client Key is generated and the settings in SiteVision are updated before the previous
expires. Set a reminder to remember this action.

8. Click on Required Permissions and then Add. Click on Select an API and
then on Office 365 SharePoint Online and then Select.

9. Under Delegated Permissions, select the following permissions:
- Read and write items in all site collections
- Read and write user files
Then click on Select

10. Done!

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