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Spam protection using captcha in Email form

Not a robot

A captcha is a test that is considered to be easy for people to complete, but not for automatic computer programs. It is usually used before the visitor fills out a form to prevent misuse of the service (spamming) by means of automated programs - robots.

A captcha consists of a text where the visitor has to tick that they are not a robot or different images appear where you should select what is requested.

This type is used if you want spam protection in the form. This means that the visitor must accept it in order to submit the form.

Click on the Add field link to add a field (a question). Select the field type you want to add. You will get different settings depending on the field type you select.

General tab - Field type Spam protection using captcha

Select field type: Spam protection using captcha. There are no settings to make to this field type. The captcha question is always mandatory.


For CAPTCHA to work after the upgrade to SiteVision 4, an account must be registered with Google. ReCaptcha must be enabled on the website to be used in the e-mail forms, questionnaires, and page comments modules.

If you have enabled ReCaptcha on your site, the following will appear in the form:

Invalid captcha

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