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To distribute an element

When an element draft is good enough for production, it needs to be exported to an sve-archive. The archive can then be imported to a website in a production environment by a website administrator.

An element is developed in a development environment as draft and then exported in enumerated versions. These versions can then be imported and used in a production environment. In this way, developers can maintain their element over time and a website manager can maintain and plan upgrades as needed.



One element's life cycle

One element's life cycle

At the time of export, you can enter a description and a help URL for the element. Here, you also need to enter the version you are exporting. The version must be enumerated at each release of the element.

As soon as a version of the element is exported, you can continue to work on the element draft to produce the next version.

Making an element configurable

When exporting an element, it is possible to specify what should be configurable. You must set certain website specific settings to be able to use an element in a production environment, you can choose to make others configurable to make their element more general.

The configuration corresponds to selected parts of the settings you can make to the modules that the element contains.

Module name and upgrades

The module name can be important when you upgrade an element. The module name together with the settings key is used to "go back" to an overwritten value for a module on a page or in a template.

For configurable values, it is a good idea to keep the module names when you continue to work with future versions of the element. This helps prevent losing the overwritten configuration.

Compatibility aspects

Elements is backward compatible. This means that elements created in a newer version, other than the one where the add-on is added, will not work. Elements created in older versions can be used in newer versions of SiteVision.

Distributing elements outside their own organisation

If the element is to be distributed or used outside your own organisation, you must apply for a publisher ID from SiteVision AB and state this as publisher, as well as register the identifiers used.

This function requires you to have "Manage elements" permission

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