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Metadata type Keywords

Metadata keywords is a way to add keywords to your website that can be associated with synonyms. You can also associate the keyword to a master page (a page where you can read more about the keyword).

For example

This metadata field is used together with the Tag cloud or Blog categories. Click the Add link to see the options you have added to a list.

Example keywords

Keywords requires that you have a Blog license.

Do as follows:

The Add metadata field button can be found at the bottom of the Metadata panel. Click on the button to add a new metadata field. A new dialogue box opens where you make settings for the metadata field you want to create. Select metadata type: Keyword:

Add keywords

Click the Add keyword link to add the options that the user can select as keyword. A new view appears:

Add metadatafield


The name of the keyword

Main page

Scroll to the page you want to associate with the keyword. Click the page icon to browse to the correct page in the structure. You do not need to do this if you are using keywords for Blog categories.


If you want to get hits on synonyms, add these here. Click the Add synonym link to add one or more synonyms. For example, it might be helpful to add misspellings. Finish by clicking on the tick on the right.


Select an option from the list and click on the X to delete a keyword.

To add or modify a metadata field , "Manage metadata field " permission is required.

The page published:

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