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Image archive or Page images?

Page images or Image archive

Image archive

  • Common to all (however, can be permission controlled).
  • To delete an image, you can go into the image archive and delete it (check that no other user has had time to use the image or linked to it).
  • The image archive can be accessed through the link dialogue (when you link to image), via image modules or via the menu by the Navigator, for example.

Examples of use

Build a corresponding folder structure as in the navigator and the editors upload the images in folders that correspond to the menu selection. In this way, nearly all the editors know where to look for the files.

Page images

  • The image is linked to a specific web page and can only be used by those who have permission for the page.
  • Discarding the page also means that the images are discarded.
  • Images on the page can be accessed through the link dialogue (when you link to image) or via image modules, for example.
  • If the page is copied, the images unfortunately will not be included, because they are only connected to the original page.

Examples of use

Customers have images that they do not want everyone to access or they purchase images from photo agencies with special terms of use. If they are in Page images, they are less likely to be distributed.

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