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Add field

Add field


Here you can only add the fields you have selected from the personal data question. The default fields are first name, last name, e-mail, phone, mobile, address, postcode, and city.

If you have not deleted anything, the list is empty. There is then nothing to add.


Size of the field. The default setting is 20 px. Increase or decrease with minus and plus buttons.

Make field mandatory

If you want a field to be mandatory, not the entire personal data question, tick this box.

Auto-complete, use a field name for identification.

Tick the Use field name to identify this field box, to use the auto-complete function in the form. If a text field has the same name as a previously completed field, the browser can provide suggestions based on what was previously written. To enable auto-complete, the form must have a special name element. You can enter the following:

  • name to enter name.
  • firstname to enter first name
  • lastname to enter last name
  • title to enter title
  • organisation to enter organisation name
  • street to enter address
  • postcode to enter postcode
  • city to enter city
  • e-mail to enter e-mail address
  • phone to enter telephone number
  • mobile to enter mobile number

You must not have two fields with the same name element on a page. This can cause a collision problem between questions.

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