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Add layout

A layout is a container that allows the information on the page to be displayed in rows or columns. You can set properties for a layout that affects all of the content (for example, several modules) at once, such as background colour or borders.

To add a layout, right-click the content area (in this example, the content area is named "Middle column").

Add layout


Vertical layout is used to add modules in rows. This is normally determined in the template but if for some reason you want a different distance (less or more) between modules or want to set the properties for more modules, select this option.

The reason for a vertical layout on the page may also be that you want to reuse information in another location using the linked layout (see below).


The horizontal layout is used to add modules in columns.

Linked layout

Linked layout is a clever way to reuse content from an existing layout. The same information may appear in more than one place on the website but only needs to be edited in one place.

Follow these steps:

To appoint the information to be retrieved from another page, right-click on the content area and select Add to layout-> Linked.

A new one appears where the structure of your website appears. Select the page where you want to retrieve information from, and appoint a layout, grid row or grid column.

Choose layout

Click OK. The information that is found in the layout of your page now appears.

Find the source

It is not possible to edit the linked layout. You have to go to the source page. To do this, right-click on the linked layout and select Go to source page to display the "original layout". You then get to the page where the original information is located.

Change layout

To appoint a different layout, right-click and select Change layout. A view showing the whole structure then appears.

Adding layouts requires "Add to layout" permission.
Adding linked layouts requires “Create linked layout" permission.

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