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Personal settings

The Personal settings module displays the name and a thumbnail of the profile image for the logged-in user. ​The name and image are linked to the user's profile page. To the right of the name is a cog icon that opens a menu where personal settings can be made.

Settings for notifications


Here you can set the length of time before posts should be marked as read. The time is valid from when you visit a group page.

General settings


This allows the user to decide which notifications are also sent by e-mail.

Notifications  settings


Here, users can change information about themselves, linked to user fields.

Log out

By default, the logout option appears. If you want to hide the "log out" option, make this setting on the module in the editor.

The settings guide places this module on the profile page, but it can be usefully moved to the header of the website to be accessible on all pages. This module replaces the older Login status module, which also displays the name of the logged in user.

This module requires the Social Collaboration license.

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